The Ray of Light  -  our daughter Dasha. She was born dead as a result of difficult birth, her brain had been suffered from oxygen shortage. 
God reanimated her by a miracle, but Dasha has a heavy form of . infantile cerebral paralysis. At present she doesn’t walk, crawl, sit, talk or keep things in her hands. Dasha will be 3 years old in March 2012. As genius American neurophysiologist Glenn Doman says : « The brain-injured child's chief enemy is time. Every day with no improvements is deterioration as his peers develop but he falls behind them more day by day»

We must hurry!

Please help us to collect money for the trip to The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential (Philadelphia, the USA), they will teach us to work out individual rehabilitation programme for our child. it is necessary to collect 6 thousand dollars. The course «What to do about your brain-injured child...»( f first time for Russian-speaking parents) will take place 23-27 of April 2012 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania state, the USA.

If you have any doubts about our honesty, please take into consideration that you can see all derived and spent means (cheques, receipts etc.) at our site, section – reports, where you can also see our medical documents, contact phone number, email.
Welcome to our site. We will keep you informed about any news, Dasha's achievements and her state of health. We will also answer any of your questions in the section guestbook.

For you not to doubt our honesty, all the raised money and all the money spent on rehabilitation (cheques and receipts) can be traced at
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A Ray Of Light 

The new 2012 year started with very good news.

Thanks to enormous work done by the parents of special children and philanthropists the administration of the Human Potential
Achievements Institute in Philadelphia, USA has made a decision which is very important to us. They have decided to gather a group of
Russian speaking parents to attend a course of lectures '' What to do about your brain-injured child...'' with simultaneous interpretation !

THIS IS THE CHANCE !!! The chance for a special child to improve his or her life considerably or maybe even to recover. The chance that must be


A fact of life is that a special child requires constant attention. His or her parents are their hands and feet. With their help they move, eat, drink, etc.
It is possible only for one parent to work as the other one continually has to take care of such a child. Unfortunately we cannot count on the help in
rehabilitation from the state.

That is why we are addressing those of you who cannot remain indifferent to the little girl's fate who continually has not only a physical pain, but also
a mental one. Thanks to your help Dasha will get a chance to lead a normal life.